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DORI WEAR provides investment flexibility to all it's affiliate partners, with very low risk and high return of investments. Affiliates are mainly categorized of tow types.

1. PROMOTION SALE or EXHIBITION PARTNER Investment Capacity 2,00,000 to 5,00,000


Both the categories are at negligible risk or ZERO RISK

Major Risk of investor in garment industry or any business that involves trading business module is dead stock or non moving products.

Dead stock of products always have a negative impact on profits or return of investment. Dead stocks of products badly damages the profit margin of an entrepreneur. Dead inventories can drill a big hole in the profit margins at times huge loss and a major set back, specially when its a startup.

Replacement or Refund Policy
This policy of DORIWEAR is mainly to safe guards the investment made by an investor that have opted to be an stock rotation affiliate partner. DORIWEAR under no condition would prefer that its stock rotation affiliate partner bear loss due to dead inventories of the product procured by its affiliates under this category.


Investment of Rs 30,000( One Billing cycle) is made to procure garment inventories at flat price.

50% to 80% of the unsold inventories will be replaced in next billing cycle, this way an affiliate partner gets a brand new inventory that keeps their product portfolio rich and a wider choices for the repeat and new customers. All replacement to be requested before next order, incase no request DORI WEAR would conclude as all products sold.

Under the refund policy when an affiliate partners want to opt out as n affiliate partner all the unsold inventories are refunded after deducting a 20% to 30% of the procurement cost of the inventories that is sold for a order.

Explanation of replacement and refund policy

Considering a flat price of product as Rs 300 where an affiliate partners procures 100 units of garment in Rs 30,000( One Billing Cycle)

Unit Cost Rs 300 and the flat selling price for products procured at Rs 300.00 can be Rs 500.00 to Rs 700.00 (Factual sale data accumulated from various promotional sales and exhibitions conducted by DORIWEAR or by Joint Venture of its SALE PARTNERS.

A) Replacement.

All the unsold inventories of billing cycle is replaced in second billing cycle. AThis to be intimated within 30 days of the dispatch of the order, and all images of the products to be emailed to us.

If out of 100 units or garments procured in the first billing cycles and affiliate accumulated dead inventory of 50 products.
In second billing cycle the affiliates gets 150 products ( 100 new + 50 replaced). Only two replacement of products will be provided or the affiliate can opt for refund.

B) Refund

Considering 100 products procured and the affiliate sold 40 units and balance of 60 products is unsold and affiliate wants to quit as an affiliate partner. he can request for refund of 60 units.

Refund and profit calculation after deductions

Amount deducted on each sold units 20% ( Rs 60 ) total amount deducted 60 X 40 = Rs 2400

Amount to be refunded for 60 Units @ Rs 300 / unit = 60X300 = Rs 18,000
Net amount refunded Rs 18,000 - Rs 2,400 = Rs 15,600


Total Sale amounts Rs 500 X 40            = Rs 20,000
Total Investment Rs 30,000 - Rs 15,600 = Rs 14,600

Profits                                                = Rs 5,400

Return on investment %    5400 X 100/ 14,600  =  Appx 36.6% return on investment of Rs 14,600. Considering 10% to 15% other expenses still a net profit of Rs 20 to 25%.



Fresh Orders: All transportation cost to be paid by Dori Wear

Replacement Stocks (I) All transportation cost to be paid by Affiliate Partners ( Both way to and from our office)

Replacement Stocks With Fresh Orders (II) All transportation cost to of the returned product from our affiliate to our office be paid by Affiliate Partners. Dispatches from our office to affliate address to be paid by Dori Wear


If order cycle repeated in less than one month The Bonus free inventories is given to the affiliate partner. Once opted for bonus old inventories are not replaced of refunded. But new inventories with the billing cycles is eligible for either replace of refund after every cycle.

This make our affiliate partner programs totally risk free.



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